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ValBrid Engineering and Technologies

ValBrid is an engineering and technology driven organization that focuses on design & engineering services in the Industry, Power, Marine, O&G and allied segments. Conceptualized and setup by a highly experienced and successful team, ValBrid focuses in two main segments – electrical & mechanical augmenting customers in their quest for highly reliable products by supporting in Modelling(2D & 3D), Simulation, Analysis, Industrial Automation, Reverse Engineering and Embedded engineering


Electrical Design:

The heart of an industrial process lies in determining and designing the energy flow within the plant that optimally utilizes the full electrical capacity. an experienced eye is required to specify and segregate into subsystems such as PCC,MCC, Protection, Transformers, Motors ensuring a seamless integration of these devices translating into providing a turnkey solution…. Read More



Mechanical Engineering & Panel Design :

Adapting a concept from a paper into a mechanical product requires deep understanding of electrical, structural, thermal, magnetic expertise’s and their correlations. Selection of BOM and arrangement in an efficient and functional manner is the core to Panel design which our team does it efficiently, complying to the international standards and regulations…… Read More


Drives Engineering :

The space of Variable speed drives has evolved from a simple, standalone speed and energy saving device to a variety of systems that can be configured into multiple architectures to suit the needs of the process and energy requirements…….. Read More


Automation Engineering :

Industrial Automation engineering is the most visible aspect in any process that has to take of process, link with mechanical systems, control Electrical devices and act as the primary interface to Control and maintenance engineers. ….. Read More


User Experience :

The visualization of the process whether it is a steel manufacturing, Refinery process, Food industry needs to have the “Human” as the main factor to ensure the systemic transfer of information from the the nooks and corners of the plants as near life models . Our team understands the arts and science of this important aspect and crafts an experience to the users that is exceptional. ….. Read More


Modeling & optimization :

The behavior of materials like powder, tablets, Ores, Slurries are difficult to comprehend due to their inherent nature of transformation owing to Stress, Temperature, flow; an insight into this very transformation could be simulated with a variety of methods, the most effective amongst them is the DEM. Our Simulation analysts set-up a perfect geometric model and run simulations that are close to the real-life situations …. Read More

Simulation & Analysis:

An innovative concept to be designed, developed and manufactured into a great product requires multiple iterations in the design phase, which has to undergo a methodical and exhaustive analysis. FEA / CFD is used for reliability & performance improvement …. Read More

Mechanical Design :

A Product design is complete when the 2D & 3D models of the mechanical parts are at a stage that is DFM – Design for manufacture. Our team ensure the models have all the dimensions, within tolerances, the assembly parts are able to fit and transport compatible…. Read More

Reverse engineering :

The reverse engineering is growing into a structured process of analysis of products for their dimensions, materials and manufacturability and it is finding the usage in re-development or replacement of obsolete parts. The efficacy of the result largely depends upon the expertise of the engineering team who make critical decisions in the choice of scanner, the software platform, the filling up of the gaps …. Read More


Materials sourced from Best cost countries have a significant impact on the overall product cost, though the complexity increases with different geographical region, applicable standards and rules, workflows . Our Procurement experts make the sourcing a simple process…. Read More


ValBrid team of engineers provide solutions for processing lines, cold mills, profiling lines……Read More



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