Reverse Engineering

Reverse engineering is increasingly becoming a feasible and cost-effective method to develop 3D CAD models from real-world physical components, it provides a high level of accuracy and data maneuverability to create new or enhancing existing design. Every project is unique and challenging which could be time-consuming and often the desired results are achieved with the iterative process.

ValBrid’s expertise is in the creation of high quality, feature-rich CAD models that are ready for manufacturing from any type of scan data. We are capable of handling large point cloud data and accurately recover mesh as STL files and develop into outputs that are optimized using the industry-standard modelling software. We work along with component designers and manufacturers to convert a product into sub-assemblies and solid models and then further breakdown into parts that can be easily integrated into the manufacturing process.

We have expertise in working on a wide variety of scanners, software tools :

  • Handle small to a large object
  • Clean up low resolution or messy scan data
  • Smoothly integrate and align large point cloud data
  • Understand the geometry of worn-out parts and recreate accurately
  • Inspect and correct by comparing physical part to its CAD model
  • Create CAD models of missing or obsolete parts
  • Design components for a precise fit within a system or with third-party systems
  • Quality control concerning GD&T, surface and Dimensions

    We are proficient in many industries – Automotive, Aviation ancillaries, Mining – having added great value to our customers in determining deviation in Geometry, solving legacy components’ issues, validating prototype design and in recreating digital models of any physical component

we can also create, edit, optimize, and prepare models for 3D printing