Engineering Change Management

It is widely known and accepted that Engineering Change Management, when implemented rigorously has immense benefits that save costs as well as helps in the sustainability of products. In the present business scenario, organizations are challenged with constant requests from customers for additional features, manage obsolescence of parts, keep pace with the technological advances, which forces them to optimize the design and manufacturing process

Product designers and developers are often overwhelmed by the sheer rigor that is required to implement and follow the ECM. We from ValBrid, are there to relieve the burden and support in the Engineering change management process. We work with the designers during the complete workflow from triggering potential change, identification, evaluation, analysis, planning, support implementation, review, maintain version history and closeout. we are proficient in all stages of ECM:

  • Engineering change request (ECR)
  • Engineering Change Notice (ECN)
  • Engineering change order (ECO)
  • Engineering change verification (ECV)