Modeling & Optimization

DEM can be used to simulate a wide variety of granular flow and for computing the motion and effect of a large number of particles, including the analysis and interaction of particles with each other (stresses, deformation, thermal conductivity) as well as the equipment or the container. This method’s success in providing an insight into the behavior of the materials like powders, tablets, ores, soils are finding usage into a wide range of applications – Food processing, Pharmaceuticals, Mining, Heavy equipment, Bulk material handling, chemicals

The basis of getting the desired results that closely represents the real-world interactions begins from setting up a precise model. Our highly skilled Simulation/ Analysts, can define material properties, assigning complex motion of particles and the forces acting upon them, configuring equipment geometry and thereby set up a simulation model. We run variations of models and the results are presented in a manner that is easy to visualize and predict the flow of material. Besides, the results can further be applied to FEA (Finite Element Analysis) or CFD (Computational Fluid dynamics) method to simulate and study macroscopic component performance

We work with our clients right from conceptual design, prototype design & improvement and development of products. Our experts are skilled in Industry-standard DEM softwares and coupling the results with FEA / CFD softwares to design a Best in class product