Automation Engineering

ValBrid Automation Engineering team have the capability to meet the whole range of needs of Industrial automation space. We excel in the art of Remote engineering which is a unique skill that has to be learned and improved over the years which comes from having hands on experience on working on large and complex projects with global customers.

We cover a variety of Industry segments : Metals,  Material Handling, Mining, Automotive, Cement, Renewables – Solar & Wind

We provide:

Detailed Engineering

    • Operation philosophy
    • Selection, Data sheets and Procurement specifications 
    • System Design and Architecture
    • Networking design, configuration and Architecture
    • Customer documents and Fabricator drawings
    • Test plan and QA
    • Integration, Testing & FAT
    • Systems manual

Hardware Engineering

    • I/O list
    • Hardware Selection including  safety modules 
    • PLC & I/O cabinets Cabinets
    • Operator Stations and Desks

PLC Programming

    • Configuration, Logic development and programming  
    • Develop Flow charts, Cause & effect drawings, detailed control philosophy
    • Program in FBD, STL, IL, Ladder, CFC, SFC
    •  Configure & program Remote I/Os


    •  Develop Network architecture using managed and unmanaged switches with Ethernet Modbus, TCP/IP
    • Configure multi type of topologies – Bus, Ring, Star 
    • Configure, parameterize, communicate with a wide variety of devices using Profibus, Profinet, Modbus ,
Advanced Ladder Logic
Function Block Diagram
Continuous Function Chart